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Common Living Room Problems and How To Solve Them

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The living room might be the most important room in the house. For one, it’s a space in the home where you entertain guests. In addition to hosting company, your living room also functions as the center of family life. You watch television, play board games, read books, supervise homework, and hang out with your loved ones here on a daily basis.

For such an important room, it sure does have a lot of design challenges. After all, it’s hard to furnish and decorate a room with so many different purposes.

As your Top Rated Local® Furniture Showroom in Dallas, Bailey’s Furniture wanted to address common living room problems and offer living room furniture ideas as a solution.

Problem: Your Living Room Is Too Small

Having living rooms that are small might seem like an impossible problem. It’s not like you can miraculously add 100 square feet to the room (without undergoing a costly renovation, at least). Luckily, there are living room furniture ideas to try to open up your space.

  • Get a sectional: It might seem crazy to add a huge piece of furniture to a room that is already tight. However, having one bigger piece of furniture, like a sectional, can actually make a room feel more expansive. Instead of having the awkward space between multiple seating arrangements, tables, and accent furniture, one bigger piece makes for a better flow in the room.
  • Hang mirrors: Adding mirrors to small spaces is a classic way to open up a room, and this holds true for living rooms as much as any other room. Placing a mirror over a fireplace or other focal point is also an effective way of drawing attention to this area.
  • Use an ottoman: Ottomans are like the utility player of living room furniture. They can serve as seating, storage, a footrest, a coffee table, or end table. By having one ottoman, you fulfill the role of three other types of furniture. This maximizes space and reduces clutter.

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Problem: Your Living Room Is Extremely Cluttered

You could have Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up memorized and still have a cluttered living room. It’s almost inevitable for the room to get cluttered, considering that you use it for hosting, entertainment, and daily living.

When you notice the clutter piling up, consider these living room furniture ideas:

  • Desks: Usually the desk is the first thing to go if a living room seems too crowded. This couldn’t be further from the solution, though. Desks can be an incredible decorative and storage option. You can put all those loose magazines, books, pens, coasters, etc. in the drawers of your desk and maintain a clean, decorated surface.
  • Entertainment centers: Entertainment centers should be a non-negotiable for anyone with a television. Without an entertainment center, a living room becomes chock-full of remote controls, game consoles, and cables. You can choose a more traditional television stand or you can mount your television and use the entertainment center specifically for storage.

Problem: Your Living Room Is Dark

For many living rooms, there’s an age-old battle between wall space and natural light. Unfortunately, many living room designs choose to prioritize wall space. While this means it’s easier to feature living room furniture and accent pictures, it often means your room is darker than you’d like.

Lighting is your obvious solution to a dark room, but you don’t want to just throw lamps anywhere they’d fit. Instead, you want three levels of lighting.

  • High: your ceiling should have a lighting fixture, especially if it’s vaulted or wooden.
  • Medium: add lighting to your walls via wall sconces.
  • Low: include lamps on your desks, tables, and on the floor.

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Bailey’s Furniture

Bailey’s Furniture in Dallas has been in the business of home furnishing for more than 50 years. As our furniture warehouse has grown, we have begun incorporating design services as an option. We found that our customers not only want a great selection of furniture, but also to get help with the whole design process.

Our team at Bailey’s Furniture will work with you through all stages of the living room design process, from choosing the right furniture to putting those final accents in place.

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