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Progressive Leasing

Progressive Leasing is an industry leader in "No Credit Needed" leasing. Thousands of customers have experienced a satisfying leasing experience. With a 70% instant approval rate and 90% overall approval rating with additional documentation "It's EASY to Qualify!" ™

Acima Financing

No Credit Needed. Buy what you need, when you need it. We'll give you the time to pay.

Financing FAQ:


I have poor credit. Can I still qualify for your program?
Yes. Crest Financial is a No Credit Check financing program.


How long is the lease agreement for?
We offer 12-month lease agreements, 90 day buyout options, and a significant discount if you pay off early.


  Is there any interest?
There is no interest rate. The merchandise is leased until it is paid off. Lease payments will be provided before signing.


How do I make payments?
Progressive Leasing Representatives will work with you on an individual basis to set up payments that are  easy and convenient for you, based on your pay schedule.


Do you take retirement, social security, VA, or long term disability?
Yes. You must provide a benefit letter to verify monthly income.


What if I’m self-employed?
To get approved, you will need to submit your most recent 90 days of bank transactions.