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Why Every Home Needs an Ottoman

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When it comes to living room design ideas, ottomans are one of the most versatile options.

Ottomans are like the O blood type of living room furniture — they go with absolutely everything and infuse your living room with life.

Living Room Design Ideas for Ottomans

Consider these home furnishing ideas to see how you can make better use of your ottoman today!

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Shoe Storage

Ottomans can be used to store practically anything — old magazines, children’s toys, extra blankets — but we think shoe storage is one of the best living room furniture ideas.

Shoes tend to add clutter to any room. You don’t necessarily want to tuck them away upstairs in a closet, especially if they’re shoes you wear around the house or outside. As a solution, think about storing your shoes in your ottoman instead. You can get special shoe storage dividers, so you can really maximize the space.

Coffee Table

Ottomans are quickly becoming popular coffee table substitutes, as they add more dimension and design to a room than traditional wooden coffee tables. Plus, most ottomans still have a lower shelf option for storage, so you can place books, coasters, magazines, or any decorative item just as you would with a traditional coffee table.

Extra Seating

If you have a small living room or a big family (or both!), ottomans can really save the day. Instead of keeping folding chairs or extra bulky chairs, ottomans can double as benches and extra seating.

For holiday gatherings, board game nights, or family reunions, you want an ottoman to make sure everyone has a comfortable seat.


We understand not wanting a reclining chair in your living room. They can be big, expensive, and give your spouse an excuse to nap in front of the television all day.

Still, you want to make your living room as comfortable as possible. Ottomans are a great option for a footrest. This way, you can sit back and kick your feet up but still have the upscale decor that an ottoman (rather than a recliner) gives your living room.

Our Selection of Ottomans

Bailey’s Furniture in Dallas has a selection of ottomans in every shape, style, and material you could want.

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