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Mattress Buying Guide

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Knowing about the importance of a good sleep doesn’t necessarily mean that we know how to make it happen.

We can dim our digital screens to nighttime mode, diffuse lavender to relax us, and set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. At the end of the day, though, there’s nothing more important to a good night’s sleep than finding the right mattress.

It seems that shopping for a mattress would be simple enough. How many different iterations of a flat, rectangular surface can even exist? Just find the most affordable one and call it a day.

In reality, however, there are about 15 common mattress types from which to choose, each with varying size, material, density, and price. Shopping for a mattress can be hard — literally, if you end up with a mattress so firm it could double as an ice rink.

Common Mattress Types

Buying a mattress is also an investment, so you want to make sure you do your research and find the right one for you. Bailey’s Furniture, a home furniture store in Dallas, compiled this mattress buying guide to assist you in your search for a comfortable, reasonable mattress.

1. Memory Foam Mattresses

“Memory Foam” refers to the type of mattress that conforms to your body as you sleep. The mattresses tend to be firm, but also extremely comfortable thanks to the foam technology.


Memory foam mattresses are a great option for individuals who sleep on their sides, as the material gently supports the spine. Compared to a rigid, flat mattress, memory foam mattresses are able to match the natural curvature of the spine, putting less pressure on the lower back.

These mattresses are also an excellent option for couples who have different sleep preferences. Instead of being springy or easily jostled, these mattresses are firm and allow each person to move around without disturbing the other.


Because they are extremely comfortable and made from a durable material, memory foam mattresses tend to be on the pricier end. Given the durability, however, it might be worth this initial investment rather than having to replace a mattress after a few years.

2. Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses are, more or less, exactly what they sound like. They’re mattresses that have an added layer of cushion to make for a soft, fluffy surface.


If you’re someone who likes to feel as if you’re sinking into a fluffy cloud when you get into bed, pillow top mattresses are an excellent option for you. They’re about as soft as it gets, and they’re a great option for side sleepers for this reason.


If you have back problems or prefer a firm mattress, a pillow top might not be your best bet. Additionally, pillow top mattresses can also wield a hefty price tag depending on the quality of the mattress.

3. Innerspring Mattresses

This type of mattress is commonly sold at home furniture stores, and it’s known as a standard mattress type. Rather than using foam or latex as its support, innerspring mattresses use coils.


Depending on how many springs this mattress has and where they are located, the innerspring mattress can offer decent support.

They’re also generally more affordable than foam or latex mattresses, as they require fewer materials to construct.


Innerspring mattresses just don’t have the same durability as other mattress types, and they might sag after they’ve been in use for awhile. Additionally, because of the spring mechanism, these mattresses tend to be creakier, bouncier, and harder to sleep on with another person.

4. All-Natural Latex Beds

Latex beds have become very popular recently for their environmentally friendly composition.


If you find a high-quality, all-natural latex bed, you reduce the risk of exposing yourself to the harmful chemicals that other mattresses might hold. Latex mattresses are also comfortable and durable.


Because they’re made from a naturally occurring fiber, latex mattresses are also more expensive than your traditional innerspring bed. They can also be heavier and thus harder to move than a traditional mattress.

Finding A Mattress At Your Local Home Furniture Store

People incorrectly assume that they need to go to a mattress store in order to find a high-quality mattress. However, a good home furniture store should also have an extensive selection of mattresses from which to choose.

This way, you can get your mattress, headboard, and bedroom set all in one place. Plus, our home furniture store offers financing options for customers, so buying a new mattress doesn’t need to be cost-prohibitive.

If you’re looking for a mattress or bedroom furniture in Dallas, stop by Bailey’s Furniture. Our home furniture store carries mattresses in all sizes, from Cal King to Twin. Choose between memory foam mattresses, pillow top varieties, and much more at Bailey’s Furniture today!