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Common Types of Headboards

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The good part about decorating a bedroom is that choosing a focal point is easy. Your bed naturally acts as the centerpiece of the room, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of decorating a beautiful fireplace mantle or choosing the just-right lighting to make a painting stand out.

The downside of having your bed as a focal point involves the added pressure you might feel to choose the perfect headboard. After all, your headboard will set the tone for your entire bedroom.

Our home furniture store in Dallas wanted to provide an overview of common headboard styles, so you can make an educated decision as you decorate your bedroom.

Common Headboard Styles

1. Upholstered

Upholstered headboards are generally made from linen, velvet, or leather. Think of them as plush, pillow-like, and comfortable. These types of headboard are versatile for any bedroom, as they come in simple and heavily adorned options.

If you’re someone who enjoys reading in bed or watching television in your bedroom, these headboards are about as comfortable as it gets.

2. Wood

Wooden headboards are traditional, and they haven’t gone out of style for a reason. You can choose from thousands of wooden headboard options. Some feature intricate carvings while others display modern, clean lines.

Another benefit of wooden headboards is that they last forever. Wood is durable and, so long as you take care of it during any move, should be worth the investment.

3. Metal

Metal headboards and bed frames tend to create a more modern, minimalist aesthetic. By nature, they have straight, clean lines. However, many metal frames also come with distressed features, wood elements, and decorative patterns.

If you want an affordable, modern option for your bedroom, we recommend a metal headboard and bed frame.

4. Woven

Woven headboards have become increasingly popular in the last decade, as they add a natural feel to any bedroom. Choose between wicker, rattan, and bamboo for a warm headboard.

If you have a country or coastal home, woven headboards can be a great option!

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